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Retop will provide customers with quality technical service and after-sales service, including:
Retop display systems will provide users with technical advisory services, and display the technical parameters specifications of indicators, equipment configuration, function setting, environmental factors impact assessment offers a full range of views and the relevant technical advice.
Offers a full range of technical documentation, equipment information and use and safeguard that.
Responsible for on-site display of the installation, commissioning works (or technical guidance and supervision). Site installation and debugging of the more critical aspects of the project, Rui Billiton will appoint an experienced technical staff into the scene, the whole process of supervision and guidance to ensure that the installation of quality, to meet quality standards.
Free training for the user operation, maintenance staff. As a result of system operation and maintenance of day-to-day needs of the more general professional knowledge and skills, therefore, sharp Billiton will make training programs, and user training in the field for the designated officer, the training includes: 
* Hands-on training: System Overview, system operating procedures, programming examples, on-site operator training. 
* Maintenance Training: The inspection system components, system adjustment and maintenance, systems and components troubleshooting.
Retop will provide 1 year quality guarantee period.
A. In the quality assurance period, the sharp Billiton is responsible for all assembly and maintenance of any technology, materials and product quality caused by damage to the equipment or components responsible for the replacement and maintenance free.
B. In quality assurance during the equipment malfunction, Rui Rio users will receive notification within 12 hours to send maintenance personnel to arrive at the scene maintenance. No fault there, I also will be regularly (once every four months) to clean up the system and maintenance. 
C. In the quality assurance period, the company is still responsible for the maintenance of the screen, as the case may only charge a fixed fee, such as the component costs.
D. In case of important activities, the company will be free of charge technical personnel stationed at the scene for the normal operation of the screen to provide strong protection.
Retop will provide users with the production, control, playback software upgrade services.

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